Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TO: All Activists at Flint - 1/26/08 Meeting
From: Jerry Tucker, Gregg Shotwell and Sam Gindin (initial drafting group)
Re: Statement/Call - "Campaign Against Wage Discrimination"


Attached and below is the final version of the Statement & Call for a 'Campaign Against Wage Discrimination' which follows the daylong discussions at the January 26th meeting in Flint. We thank the number of you who took the time to suggest changes and edits which got us to this point.

The Campaign Statement/Call is now available for circulation as a first step in the development of an all worker Campaign against two-tier wages. We recognize that no document can strike a perfect balance to describe all that workers today are enduring and what can be done about it.

We should all see this Statement as a ‘starting point,’ a way to confirm the need for a comprehensive struggle and call to action against a particular form of economic injustice and discrimination. The essential grassroots Campaign will take significant effort by all involved. The challenge is to enlist a rising number of rank & file workers and community allies to this cause. The Center for Labor Renewal will provide whatever assistance and support possible to this effort.

Those of you who are current CLR Endorser/Supporters will also receive this Statement through the CLR listserve later this week.

In Solidarity & in behalf of Gregg and Sam and others who assisted the drafting committee:

Jerry Tucker

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