Soldiers of Solidarity and the negotiation & ratification of four 2007 UAW / Auto Industry Contracts

Selections from Soldiers of Solidarity -- SOS.

A brief outline of Soldiers of Solidarity's involvement in the 2007 UAW Auto Talks

"SOS provided actual contract language on four major contracts -- Delphi, GM, Ford, and Chrysler. This was the first time in UAW history that rank & file members were afforded the opportunity to read actual contract language from the negotiators' copy, and go to information meetings armed with pertinent information.

Along with the contract excerpts we provided Lowlights, which acted as cliff notes, and we provided fliers which members could download, print and redistribute, or use as templates for their own fliers.

We also provided with the help of the Center for Labor Renewal and Labor Notes, advanced educational fliers and articles about VEBA, before the International union had even admitted it was part of the negotiations."

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(These pages were assembled from documents originally presented by SOS.)

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