XPDNC - Suitable Solutions

American and British Spelling Variations

The Internet is a worldwide medium, and to our pleasure, surfers from around the globe access our pages daily. Often, they find the same word is spelled differently throughout this site. The same word can even be spelled differently on the same page! Some users become upset about our spelling. They ask us why we spell the words on our pages the way we do.

Our answer is this. When preparing entries for our pages, we use the spelling of words that each individual contributor uses. That's because people spell the same word differently in different parts of the world. We do hope you find this a reasonable explanation. We do not intend to offend anyone's sensibilities over this point.

When this page was originally published, it contained about 200 words. Most of the words were about work and organizations. Over time, our spelling word list has been expanded to include words from many sources. People refer to our word list to help themselves with spelling difficulties of all kinds, not just labour related word problems.

Below, we present a list of spelling variations that appear in the English language. There are nearly 1,200 pairs in this listing. Looking at the pairs of words will you give an idea of the same word spellings in use. Other sites present web pages that contain a list of rules, variants, exceptions and the like to help writers to remember how to spell a particular word. Other pages provide guidelines about how to spell in an American style and how to spell in a British style. This list is simply a column of word pairs and we've found it easier just to look up the spelling variations.

                                AMERICAN             BRITISH

                                abridgment           abridgement
                                accessorize          accessorise
                                acclimatize          acclimatise
                                accouter             accoutre
                                accouterment         accoutrement
                                acknowledgment       acknowledgement
                                actualization        actualisation
                                actualize            actualise
                                advertize            advertise
                                adz                  adze
                                Africanize           Africanise
                                afterward            afterwards
                                aggrandize           aggrandise
                                aggrandizement       aggrandisement
                                aging                ageing
                                agonize              agonise
                                airplane             aeroplane
                                alkalize             alkalinise
                                alkalize             alkalise
                                allegorize           allegorise
                                almshouse            almhouse
                                alphabetization      alphabetisation
                                alphabetize          alphabetise
                                aluminize            aluminise
                                aluminum             aluminium
                                ambiance             ambience
                                ameba                amoeba
                                Americanization      Americanisation
                                Americanize          Americanise
                                amortization         amortisation
                                amortize             amortise
                                amphitheater         amphitheatre
                                analog               analogue
                                analogize            analogise
                                analyze              analyse
                                analyzed             analysed
                                analyzer             analyser
                                analyzing            analysing
                                anemia               anaemia
                                anemic               anaemic
                                anesthesia           anaesthesia
                                anesthetic           anaesthetic
                                anesthetizing        anaesthetising
                                Anglicize            Anglicise
                                annex                annexe
                                annualize            annualise
                                anodizing            anodising
                                antagonize           antagonise
                                anthologize          anthologise
                                antiaircraft         anti-aircraft
                                aphorize             aphorise
                                apologize            apologise
                                apothegm             apophthegm
                                appall               appal
                                appareled            apparelled
                                appetizer            appetiser
                                arbor                arbour
                                archeology           archaeology
                                archiepiscopal       archipiscopal
                                ardor                ardour
                                armor                armour
                                armored              armoured
                                armorer              armourer
                                armoring             armouring
                                armory               armoury
                                aromatize            aromatise
                                artifact             artefact
                                atchoo               atishoo
                                atomize              atomise
                                atomizer             atomiser
                                atomizing            atomising
                                attitudinize         attitudinise
                                authorization        authorisation
                                authorize            authorise
                                ax                   axe
                                B.S.                 B.Sc.
                                backward             backwards
                                baptize              baptise
                                barbecue             barbeque
                                bark                 barque
                                barreled             barrelled
                                barreling            barrelling
                                bastardization       bastardisation
                                bastardize           bastardise
                                battle-ax            battleaxe
                                bedeviled            bedevilled
                                bedeviling           bedevilling
                                beeper               bleeper
                                beet                 beetroot
                                behavior             behaviour
                                behavioral           behavioural
                                behaviorism          behaviourism
                                behaviorist          behaviourist
                                behoove              behove
                                bejeweled            bejewelled
                                belabor              belabour
                                Benedictine          Benedectine
                                beside               besides
                                bestialize           bestialise
                                beveled              bevelled
                                beveling             bevelling
                                bisulfate            bisulphate
                                blamable             blameable
                                bobsled              bobsleigh
                                bookkeeper           book-keeper
                                boro                 borough
                                breathalyzer         breathaliser
                                brutalize            brutalise
                                bureaucratization    bureaucratisation
                                bureaucratize        bureaucratise
                                bureaus              bureaux
                                burglarize           burglarise
                                bylaw                bye law
                                caesarean            caesarian
                                caldron              cauldron
                                caliber              calibre
                                caliper              calliper
                                calipers             callipers
                                calisthenics         callisthenics
                                canceled             cancelled
                                canceling            cancelling
                                candor               candour
                                cannibalization      cannibalisation
                                cannibalize          cannibalise
                                canonization         canonisation
                                canonize             canonise
                                capitalization       capitalisation
                                capitalize           capitalise
                                caramelize           caramelise
                                caravansaries        caravanserais
                                caravansary          caravanserai
                                carbonization        carbonisation
                                carbonize            carbonise
                                carburetor           carburetter
                                carburetor           carburettor
                                carburizing          carburising
                                carcass              carcas
                                catalog              catalogue
                                catalyze             catalyse
                                categorization       categorisation
                                categorize           categorise
                                cauterization        cauterisation
                                cauterize            cauterise
                                cauterizing          cauterising
                                caviled              cavilled
                                center               centre
                                centerboard          centreboard
                                centerfold           centrefold
                                centering            centring
                                centerpiece          centrepiece
                                centiliter           centilitre
                                centimeter           centimetre
                                centralization       centralisation
                                centralize           centralise
                                cesarean             cesarian
                                cesium               caesium
                                chamomile            camomile
                                channeled            channelled
                                channeling           channelling
                                characterization     characteriszation
                                characterize         characterise
                                check                cheque
                                checkbook            chequebook
                                checker              chequer
                                checkered            chequered
                                checkers             chequers
                                chili                chilli
                                chilies              chillies
                                chiseled             chiselled
                                Christianize         Christianise
                                Christianized        Christianised
                                cigaret              cigarette
                                circularize          circularise
                                citrus               citrous
                                civilization         civilisation
                                civilize             civilise
                                clamor               clamour
                                clangor              clangour
                                clarinetist          clarinettist
                                cognizance           cognisance
                                cognizant            cognisant
                                collectible          collectable
                                collectivize         collectivise
                                colonization         colonisation
                                colonize             colonise
                                colonnaded           collonaded
                                color                colour
                                colored              coloured
                                colorful             colourful
                                coloring             colouring
                                colter               coulter
                                commercialization    commercialisation
                                commercialize        commercialise
                                commission           commision
                                communize            communise
                                compartmentalization compartmentalisation
                                compartmentalize     compartmentalise
                                complete             compleat
                                computerization      computerisation
                                computerize          computerise
                                conceptualization    conceptualisation
                                conceptualize        conceptualise
                                conjuror             conjurer
                                conventionalization  conventionalisation
                                conventionalize      conventionalise
                                cortexes             cortices
                                councilor            councillor
                                counselled           counseled
                                counselling          counseling
                                counselor            counsellor
                                cozier               cosier
                                cozies               cosies
                                coziest              cosiest
                                cozily               cosily
                                cozy                 cosy
                                criticize            criticise
                                cross-linking        crosslinking
                                crueler              crueller
                                cruelest             cruellest
                                crystallization      crystallisation
                                crystallize          crystallise
                                crystallizing        crystallising
                                cudgeled             cudgelled
                                cudgeling            cudgelling
                                curb                 kerb
                                curbside             kerbside
                                curbstone            kerbstone
                                cyclization          cyclisation
                                cyclopedia           cyclopaedia
                                daydream             day-dream
                                decameter            decametre
                                decarburizing        decarburising
                                decentralization     decentralise
                                decentralize         decentralise
                                deciliter            decilitre
                                decimeter            decimetre
                                decolorize           decolourise
                                decolorizing         decolourising
                                decriminalization    decriminalisation
                                decriminalize        decriminalise
                                defense              defence
                                defenseless          defenceless
                                deflexion            deflection
                                dehumanization       dehumanisation
                                dehumanize           dehumanise
                                demagnetization      demagnetisation
                                demagnetize          demagnetise
                                dematerialize        dematerialise
                                demeanor             demeanour
                                demilitarization     demilitarisation
                                demilitarized        demilitarised
                                demineralization     demineralisation
                                demobilization       demobilisation
                                demobilize           demobilise
                                democratization      democratisation
                                democratize          democratise
                                demonize             demonise
                                demoralization       demoralisation
                                demoralize           demoralise
                                demythologization    demythologisation
                                demythologize        demythologise
                                denationalization    denationalisation
                                denationalize        denationalise
                                deodorize            deodorise
                                deodorizing          deodorising
                                deoxidization        deoxidisation
                                deoxidize            deoxidise
                                departmentalization  departmentalisation
                                departmentalize      departmentalise
                                depersonalization    depersonalisation
                                depersonalize        depersonalise
                                depolarization       depolarisation
                                depolarize           depolarise
                                depolarizing         depolarising
                                depolymerizing       depolymerising
                                depressurization     depressurisation
                                depressurize         depressurise
                                deputize             deputise
                                desalinization       desalinisation
                                desalinize           desalinise
                                desensitization      desensitisation
                                desensitize          desensitise
                                desensitizer         desensitiser
                                desexualize          desexualise
                                destabilization      destabilisation
                                destabilize          destabilise
                                desulfurizing        desulfurising
                                devitalize           devitalise
                                dexterous            dextrous
                                dialed               dialled
                                dialer               dialler
                                dialing              dialling
                                dialling             dialing
                                dialog               dialogue
                                dialogize            dialogise
                                dialyze              dialyse
                                diarrhea             diarrhoea
                                digitalization       digitalisation
                                digitise             digitalise
                                digitization         digitisation
                                dike                 dyke
                                discolor             discolour
                                discolored           discoloured
                                disemboweled         disembowelled
                                disfavor             disfavour
                                disheveled           dishevelled
                                dishonor             dishonour
                                dishonorable         dishonourable
                                disk                 disc
                                disorganization      disorganisation
                                disorganize          disorganise
                                dispatch             despatch
                                disulfide            disulphide
                                dolor                dolour
                                donut                doughnut
                                doodad               doodah
                                draft                draught
                                dramatization        dramatisation
                                dramatize            dramatise
                                drypoint             dry-point
                                Dukhobor             Doukhobor
                                economize            economise
                                economizer           economiser
                                edema                oedema
                                edematous            oedematous
                                editorialize         editorialise
                                effeminize           effeminise
                                electrolyze          electrolyse
                                elegize              elegise
                                empathize            empathise
                                emphasize            emphasise
                                employe              employee
                                enameled             enamelled
                                enameling            enamelling
                                enamor               enamour
                                enclosure            inclosure
                                encyclopedia         encyclopaedia
                                encyclopedic         encyclopaedic
                                endeavor             endeavour
                                energize             energise
                                enology              oenology
                                enroll               enrol
                                enrollment           enrolment
                                enrolls              enrols
                                ensorcell            ensorcel
                                ensure               insure
                                enthrall             enthral
                                enthralls            enthrals
                                eon                  aeon
                                epicenter            epicentre
                                epitomize            epitomise
                                equaled              equalled
                                equaling             equalling
                                equalization         equalisation
                                equalize             equalise
                                equalizing           equalising
                                esophageal           oesophagal
                                esophageal           oesophageal
                                esophagi             oesophagi
                                esophagoscope        oesophagoscope
                                esophagus            oesophagus
                                estrogen             oestrogen
                                estrous              oestrous
                                estrous              oestrus
                                estrus               oestrous
                                eternalize           eternalise
                                etiology             aetiology
                                etymologize          etymologise
                                eulogize             eulogise
                                evangelization       evangelisation
                                evangelize           evangelise
                                eviler               eviller
                                evilest              evillest
                                extemporization      extemporisation
                                extemporize          extemporise
                                externalization      externalisation
                                externalization      externalise
                                fairy tale           fairy-tale
                                familiarization      familiarisation
                                familiarize          familiarise
                                fanaticize           fanaticise
                                fantasize            fantasise
                                favor                favour
                                favorable            favourable
                                favorite             favourite
                                favoritism           favouritism
                                fecal                faecal
                                federalization       federalisation
                                federalize           federalise
                                feminization         feminisation
                                feminize             feminise
                                fertilization        fertilisation
                                fertilize            fertilise
                                fertilizer           fertiliser
                                fertilizing          fertilising
                                fertlizer            fertiliser
                                fervor               fervour
                                fetus                foetus
                                fiascoes             fiascos
                                fiber                fibre
                                fiberboard           fibreboard
                                fiberglass           fibreglass
                                fibers               fibres
                                fictionalize         fictionalise
                                filter               philtre
                                finalization         finalisation
                                finalize             finalise
                                flavor               flavour
                                flavoring            flavouring
                                flavorless           flavourless
                                fledgling            fledgeling
                                flextime             flexitime
                                flower girl          flower-girl
                                flower po            flower-pot
                                fluidization         fluidisation
                                fluidize             fluidise
                                fluidized            fluidised
                                fluidizing           fluidising
                                focalization         focalisation
                                focalize             focalise
                                font                 fount
                                formalization        formalisation
                                formalize            formalise
                                formularization      formularisation
                                formularize          formularise
                                forward              forwards
                                fossilization        fossilisation
                                fossilize            fossilise
                                fractionalization    fractionalisation
                                fractionalize        fractionalise
                                fraternization       fraternisation
                                fraternize           fraternise
                                fresh water          freahwater
                                fulfill              fulfil
                                fulfillment          fulfilment
                                funneled             funnelled
                                funneling            funnelling
                                furor                furore
                                gage                 gauge
                                galoshes             goloshes
                                galvanization        galvanisation
                                galvanize            galvanise
                                galvanizing          galvanising
                                gamboled             gambolled
                                gamboling            gambolling
                                garrote              garrotte
                                gaveled              gavelled
                                gaveling             gavelling
                                gelatin              gelatine
                                gelatinize           gelatinise
                                gemology             gemmology
                                generalization       generalisation
                                generalize           generalise
                                ghettoize            ghettoise
                                glamorization        glamourisation
                                glamorize            glamourise
                                globalization        globalisation
                                globalize            globalise
                                glycerin             glycerine
                                goiter               goitre
                                gonorrhea            gonorrhoea
                                gormandize           gormandise
                                gourmandize          gourmandise
                                gram                 gramme
                                graphitizing         graphitising
                                graveled             gravelled
                                gray                 grey
                                greenhouse           glasshouse
                                groins               groynes
                                grovelled            groveled
                                grovelling           groveling
                                grueling             gruelling
                                gynecology           gynaecology
                                gyrfalcon            gerfalcon
                                harbor               harbour
                                harmonize            harmonise
                                hauler               haulier
                                hematein             haematein
                                hemoglobin           haemoglobin
                                hemophilia           haemophilia
                                hemorrhage           haemorrage
                                hemorrhage           haemorrhage
                                hemorrhoid           haemorrhoid
                                heyday               heydey
                                homeopath            homoeopath
                                homeostasis          homoeostasis
                                homogenizing         homogenising
                                honor                honour
                                honorable            honourable
                                humor                humour
                                hunting lodge        hunting-lodge
                                iconoclastic         iconaclastic
                                idealization         idealisation
                                idealize             idealise
                                idolization          idolisation
                                idolize              idolise
                                immobilization       immobilisation
                                immobilize           immobilise
                                immobilized          immobilised
                                immortalize          immortalise
                                immunization         immunisation
                                immunize             immunise
                                immunizing           immunising
                                impanel              empanel
                                incase               encase
                                incognizant          incognisant
                                individualization    individualisation
                                individualize        individualise
                                industrialization    industrialisation
                                industrialize        industrialise
                                inflection           inflexion
                                initialed            initialled
                                initialing           initialling
                                initialization       initialisation
                                initialize           initialise
                                inquire              enquire
                                inquiry              enquiry
                                institutionalization institutionalisation
                                institutionalize     institutionalise
                                intellectualize      intellectualise
                                internalization      internalisation
                                internalize          internalise
                                internationalization internationalisation
                                internationalize     internationalise
                                iodize               iodise
                                ionization           ionisation
                                ionize               ionise
                                ionized              ionised
                                isomerizing          isomerising
                                italicization        italicisation
                                italicize            italicise
                                itemization          itemisation
                                itemize              itemise
                                jail                 gaol
                                jail                 goal
                                jeweler              jeweller
                                jewelry              jewellery
                                jewlry               jewellery
                                judgment             judgement
                                judgmental           judgemental
                                katathermometer      catathermometer
                                kenneled             kennelled
                                key                  quay
                                kidnaped             kidnapped
                                kilometer            kilometre
                                kindergartner        kindergartener
                                kit bag              kitbag
                                knuckle-duster       knuckleduster
                                labeled              labelled
                                labeling             labelling
                                labor                labour
                                laborer              labourer
                                laborers             labourers
                                laborite             labourite
                                lackluster           lacklustre
                                land mine            landmine
                                lasagna              lasagne
                                launderette          laundrette
                                leaned               leant
                                leaped               leapt
                                legalization         legalisation
                                legalize             legalise
                                legitimization       legitimisation
                                legitimize           legitimise
                                lemongrass           lemon grass
                                leukemia             leukaemia
                                leveled              levelled
                                leveling             levelling
                                liberalization       liberalisation
                                liberalize           liberalise
                                license              licence
                                lionize              lionise
                                lissome              lissom
                                liter                litre
                                livability           liveability
                                livable              liveable
                                lobotomize           lobotomise
                                localization         localisation
                                localize             localise
                                localizing           localising
                                lodgment             lodgement
                                lower                lour
                                lowered              loured
                                lowering             louring
                                lowers               lours
                                lumber jacket        lumberjacket
                                luster               lustre
                                lustering            lustring
                                lusterless           lustreless
                                M.S.                 M.Sc.
                                macadamize           macadamise
                                macadamized          macadamised
                                maestro              maestri
                                magnetization        magnetisation
                                magnetize            magnetise
                                magnetizing          magnetising
                                magneto therapy      mgnetotherapy
                                malleableizing       malleabilising
                                malodor              malodour
                                malodorous           malodourous
                                maneuver             manoeuvre
                                maneuverability      manoeuvrability
                                maneuverable         manoeuvrable
                                maneuvering          manoeuvring
                                market place         market-place
                                marshaled            marshalled
                                marshaling           marshalling
                                marveled             marvelled
                                marveling            marvelling
                                marvelous            marvellous
                                matchetes            machets
                                materialization      materialisation
                                materialize          materialise
                                mausoleum            mauseoleum
                                maximization         maximisation
                                maximize             maximise
                                meager               meagre
                                meagerly             meagrely
                                meagerness           meagreness
                                mechanization        mechanisation
                                mechanize            mechanise
                                medieval             mediaeval
                                mementos             mementoes
                                memorialize          memorialise
                                memorization         memorisation
                                memorize             memorise
                                menorrhea            menorrhoea
                                mercerization        mercerisation
                                mercerize            mercerise
                                mercerizing          mercerising
                                mesmerize            mesmerise
                                metabolize           metabolise
                                metacenters          metacentres
                                metalizing           metallising
                                metastasize          metastasise
                                meter                metre
                                methodize            methodise
                                militarize           militarise
                                millenium            millennium
                                milliliter           millilitre
                                millimeter           millimetre
                                mineralization       mineralisation
                                mineralize           mineralise
                                miniaturization      miniaturisation
                                miniaturize          miniaturise
                                minimization         minimisation
                                minimize             minimise
                                minimizing           minimising
                                misbehavior          misbehaviour
                                misdemeanor          misdemeanour
                                misjudgment          misjudgement
                                mislabeled           mislabelled
                                mislabeling          mislabelling
                                miter                mitre
                                mobilization         mobilisation
                                mobilize             mobilise
                                modeled              modelled
                                modeler              modeller
                                modeling             modelling
                                modernization        modernisation
                                modernize            modernise
                                modularize           modularise
                                moisturize           moisturise
                                moisturizer          moisturiser
                                mold                 mould
                                molded               moulded
                                molding              moulding
                                molds                moulds
                                moldy                mouldy
                                mollusk              mollusc
                                mollusks             molluscs
                                molt                 moult
                                mom                  mum
                                mongrelize           mongrelise
                                monolog              monologue
                                monopolization       monopolisation
                                monopolize           monopolise
                                moralization         moralisation
                                moralize             moralise
                                motorize             motorise
                                multicolor           multicolour
                                mustache             moustache
                                myna                 mina
                                naivetT              naivety
                                narcotize            narcotise
                                nationalization      nationalisation
                                nationalize          nationalise
                                naturalization       naturalisation
                                naturalize           naturalise
                                naught               nought
                                nebulizers           nebulisers
                                neighbor             neighbour
                                neighborhood         neighbourhood
                                neighborly           neighbourly
                                neoclassical         neo-classical
                                net                  nett
                                neuron               neurone
                                neurons              neurones
                                neutralization       neutralisation
                                neutralize           neutralise
                                neutralizer          neutraliser
                                neutralizing         neutralising
                                nite                 night
                                niter                nitre
                                nonplused            nonplussed
                                nonpluses            nonplusses
                                nonplusing           nonplussing
                                normalization        normalisation
                                normalize            normalise
                                northeast            north-east
                                northwest            north-west
                                notarize             notarise
                                note paper           note-paper
                                novelize             novelise
                                novitiate            noviciate
                                nursling             nurseling
                                occurring            occuring
                                octagonal            octogonal
                                odor                 odour
                                offense              offence
                                omelet               omelette
                                optimization         optimisation
                                optimize             optimise
                                organization         organisation
                                organize             organise
                                organized            organised
                                orthopedic           orthopaedic
                                orthopedist          orthopaedist
                                ostracize            ostracise
                                outmaneuver          outmanoeuvre
                                overcapitalization   overcapitalisation
                                overcapitalize       overcapitalise
                                overemphasize        overemphasise
                                overspecialization   overspecialisation
                                oxidization          oxidisation
                                oxidize              oxidise
                                oxidizing            oxidising
                                ozonizing            ozonising
                                pajama               pyjama
                                pajamas              pyjamas
                                palatalize           palatalise
                                paleobotany          palaeobotany
                                paleocene            palaeocene
                                paleoclimatology     palaeoclimatology
                                paleogeography       palaeogeography
                                paleography          palaeography
                                paleolithic          palaeolithic
                                paleomagnetism       palaeomagnetism
                                paleontologist       palaeontologist
                                paleontology         palaeontology
                                paleozoic            palaeozoic
                                palletize            palletise
                                panegyrize           panegyrise
                                paneling             panelling
                                panelist             panellist
                                pantyhose            panti-hose
                                paper currency       papercurrency
                                paralyze             paralyse
                                parceled             parcelled
                                parceling            parcelling
                                parenthesize         parenthesise
                                parlor               parlour
                                particularization    particularisation
                                particularize        particularise
                                pasteurization       pasteurisation
                                pasteurize           pasteurise
                                pasteurizing         pasteurising
                                patronization        patronisation
                                patronize            patronise
                                patronizingly        patronisingly
                                pauperization        pauperisation
                                pauperize            pauperise
                                pavilion             pavillion
                                pedagogy             paedagogy
                                pedaled              pedalled
                                pedaling             pedalling
                                pedestrianize        pedestrianise
                                pediatric            paediatric
                                pediatrician         paediatrician
                                pedophile            paedophile
                                pedophilia           paedophilia
                                penalization         penalisation
                                penalize             penalise
                                peptize              peptise
                                personalization      personalisation
                                personalize          personalise
                                phanastrons          phantastrons
                                phase changing       phasechanging
                                philosophize         philosophise
                                philosophizer        philosophiser
                                phlebotomize         phlebotomise
                                phonies              phoneys
                                phony                phoney
                                photosensitize       photosensitise
                                pilaf                pilaff
                                pjamas               pyjamas
                                plagiarize           plagiarise
                                plasticizer          plasticiser
                                plow                 plough
                                plowing              ploughing
                                plowman              ploughman
                                plunk                plonk
                                poeticize            poeticise
                                poetize              poetise
                                polarization         polarisation
                                polarize             polarise
                                polarized            polarised
                                politicization       politicisation
                                politicize           politicise
                                polyethylene         polyethene
                                polyethylene         polythene
                                polymerizable        polymerisable
                                polymerization       polymerisation
                                polymerize           polymerise
                                polymerized          polymerised
                                popularization       popularisation
                                popularize           popularise
                                practicing           practising
                                preferred            prefered
                                preignition          pre-ignition
                                prejudgment          prejudgement
                                pressurization       pressurisation
                                pressurize           pressurise
                                pretense             pretence
                                prioritization       prioritisation
                                prioritize           prioritise
                                privatization        privatisation
                                privatize            privatise
                                prize                prise
                                program              programme
                                prolog               prologue
                                propagandize         propagandise
                                prophesy             prophecy
                                proselytize          proselytise
                                proselytizer         proselytiser
                                pseudointellectual   pseudo-intellectual
                                pseudoscience        pseudo-science
                                psychoanalyze        psychoanalyse
                                publicize            publicise
                                pulverize            pulverise
                                pulverizing          pulverising
                                pummeled             pummelled
                                pummeling            pummelling
                                quarreled            quarrelled
                                quarreler            quarreller
                                raccoon              racoon
                                radicalization       radicalisation
                                radicalize           radicalise
                                railroad             railway
                                rancor               rancour
                                randomization        randomisation
                                randomize            randomise
                                ratability           rateability
                                ratable              rateable
                                ratably              rateably
                                rationalization      rationalisation
                                rationalize          rationalise
                                raveled              ravelled
                                raveling             ravelling
                                realizable           realisable
                                realization          realisation
                                realize              realise
                                recognizable         recognisable
                                recognizance         recognisance
                                recognize            recognise
                                recognizing          recognising
                                reconnoiter          reconnoitre
                                reconnoitered        reconnoitres
                                reconnoitering       reconnoitring
                                reconnoiters         reconnoitred
                                redialed             redialled
                                redialing            redialling
                                refueled             refuelled
                                refueling            refuelling
                                regularization       regularisation
                                regularize           regularise
                                reinitialize         reinitialise
                                relabeled            relabelled
                                relabeling           relabelling
                                remodeled            remodelled
                                remodeling           remodelling
                                remold               remould
                                reorganization       reorganisation
                                reorganize           reorganise
                                resynchronization    resynchronisation
                                resynchronize        resynchronise
                                retroflection        retroflexion
                                reveled              revelled
                                reveler              reveller
                                reveling             revelling
                                revitalization       revitalisation
                                revitalize           revitalise
                                revolutionize        revolutionise
                                rhapsodize           rhapsodise
                                rigor                rigour
                                rigorous             rigors
                                rigourous            rigours
                                ritualize            ritualise
                                rivaled              rivalled
                                rivaling             rivalling
                                romanticize          romanticise
                                routing              routeing
                                rubberize            rubberise
                                ruble                rouble
                                rubles               roubles
                                rumor                rumour
                                rumormonger          rumourmonger
                                saber                sabre
                                salability           saleability
                                salable              saleable
                                saltpeter            saltpetre
                                sanitize             sanitise
                                satirize             satirise
                                savanna              savannah
                                savannas             savannahs
                                savior               saviour
                                saviors              saviours
                                savor                savour
                                savory               savoury
                                saxophone            saxaphone
                                scandalize           scandalise
                                scepter              sceptre
                                schematization       schematisation
                                schematize           schematise
                                scrutinize           scrutinise
                                seborrhea            seborrhoea
                                sectionalize         sectionalise
                                secularization       secularisation
                                secularize           secularise
                                selvage              selvedges
                                sensationalize       sensationalise
                                sensitization        sensitisation
                                sensitize            sensitise
                                sensitizing          sensitising
                                sentimentalize       sentimentalise
                                septicemia           septicaemia
                                sequined             sequinned
                                sergeant             serjeant
                                serialization        serialisation
                                serialize            serialise
                                sermonize            sermonise
                                sermonizer           sermoniser
                                sexualize            sexualise
                                shakable             shakeable
                                sheik                sheikh
                                sheikdom             sheikhdom
                                shop                 shoppe
                                shoveled             shovelled
                                shoveling            shovelling
                                shriveled            shrivelled
                                shriveling           shrivelling
                                signaled             signalled
                                signaled             signalling
                                signaler             signaller
                                signalize            signalise
                                singularize          singularise
                                skeptic              sceptic
                                skeptical            sceptical
                                skeptically          sceptically
                                skepticism           scepticism
                                skillful             skilful
                                skillfully           skilfully
                                skillfulness         skilfulness
                                slenderize           slenderise
                                smolder              smoulder
                                sniveled             snivelled
                                sniveling            snivelling
                                snorkeled            snorkelled
                                snorkeling           snorkelling
                                snowplow             snowplough
                                socialization        socialisation
                                socialize            socialise
                                solemnization        solemnisation
                                solemnize            solemnise
                                soliloquize          soliloquise
                                somber               sombre
                                somberly             sombrely
                                somberness           sombreness
                                southeast            south-east
                                southwest            south-west
                                specialization       specialisation
                                specialize           specialise
                                specialties          specialities
                                specialty            speciality
                                specter              spectre
                                specters             spectres
                                spelled              spelt
                                spilled              spilt
                                spiraled             spiralled
                                spiraling            spiralling
                                spiritualize         spiritualise
                                splendor             splendour
                                stabilization        stabilisation
                                stabilize            stabilise
                                stabilizer           stabiliser
                                standardization      standardisation
                                standardize          standardise
                                stenciled            stencilled
                                stenciling           stencilling
                                sterilization        sterilisation
                                sterilize            sterilise
                                stigmatize           stigmatise
                                storied              storyed
                                story                storey
                                stylization          stylisation
                                stylize              stylise
                                stylized             stylised
                                subsidization        subsidisation
                                subsidize            subsidise
                                subsidizing          subsidising
                                subtotaled           subtotalled
                                subtotaling          subtotalling
                                suburbanize          suburbanise
                                succor               succour
                                sulfate              sulphate
                                sulfide              sulphide
                                sulfite              sulphite
                                sulfur               sulphur
                                sulfureted           sulphuretted
                                sulfurous            sulphurous
                                summarize            summarise
                                summarized           summarised
                                sunburned            sunburnt
                                supersede            supercede
                                swat                 swot
                                swiveled             swivelled
                                symbolization        symbolisation
                                symbolize            symbolise
                                sympathize           sympathise
                                sympathizer          sympathiser
                                synchronization      synchronisation
                                synchronize          synchronise
                                synopsize            synopsise
                                synthesize           synthesise
                                synthesizer          synthesiser
                                synthesizing         systhesising
                                systematization      systematisation
                                systematize          systematise
                                tableting            tabletting
                                tantalization        tantalisation
                                tantalize            tantalise
                                tasseled             tasselled
                                teetotaler           teetotaller
                                teetotalers          teetotallers
                                temporization        temporisation
                                temporize            temporise
                                temporizer           temporiser
                                tenderize            tenderise
                                tenderizer           tenderiser
                                terrorization        terrorisation
                                terrorize            terrorise
                                theater              theatre
                                theologize           theologise
                                theorize             theorise
                                thiamin              thiamine
                                tho                  though
                                thralldom            thraldom
                                thru                 through
                                tinseled             tinselled
                                tire                 tyre
                                ton                  tonne
                                totaled              totalled
                                totaling             totalling
                                toward               towards
                                toweled              towelled
                                toweling             towelling
                                toxemia              toxaemia
                                toxemic              toxaemic
                                trammeling           trammelling
                                tranquilization      tranquillisation
                                tranquilize          tranquillise
                                tranquilizer         tranquilliser
                                transferable         transferrable
                                transferal           transferral
                                transistorize        transistorise
                                transship            tranship
                                transshipment        transhipment
                                transvestitism       transvestism
                                traumatize           traumatise
                                traveled             travelled
                                traveler             traveller
                                traveler             travelling
                                travelers            traveller
                                traveling            travelling
                                tricolor             tricolour
                                trisulfate           trisulphate
                                trivialize           trivialise
                                tularemia            tularaemia
                                tumor                tumour
                                tunable              tuneable
                                tunneled             tunnelled
                                tunneling            tunnelling
                                tyrannize            tyrannise
                                ultrahigh            ultra-high
                                ultramodern          ultra-modern
                                unanalyzed           unanalysed
                                unappetizing         unappetising
                                unauthorized         unauthorised
                                uncivilized          uncivilised
                                uncolored            uncoloured
                                undercapitalized     undercapitalised
                                unfavorable          unfavourable
                                unfavorably          unfavourably
                                unfertilized         unfertilised
                                unflavored           unflavoured
                                unionization         unionisation
                                unionize             unionise
                                unitize              unitise
                                universalize         universalise
                                unlivable            unliveable
                                unmovable            unmoveable
                                unnamable            unnameable
                                unorganized          unorganised
                                unplowed             unploughed
                                unpracticed          unpractised
                                unpublicized         unpublicised
                                unraveled            unravelled
                                unraveling           unravelling
                                unrealizable         unrealisable
                                unrealized           unrealised
                                unrecognizable       unrecognisable
                                unrecognized         unrecognised
                                unrivaled            unrivalled
                                unsavorily           unsavourily
                                unsavory             unsavoury
                                unskillful           unskilful
                                unskillfully         unskilfully
                                unspecialized        unspecialised
                                unspoiled            unspoilt
                                unsubsidized         unsubsidised
                                untamable            untameable
                                untrammeled          untrammelled
                                unutilized           unutilised
                                urbanization         urbanisation
                                urbanize             urbanise
                                uremia               uraemia
                                utilizable           utilisable
                                utilization          utilisation
                                utilize              utilise
                                utilizing            utilising
                                valor                valour
                                valorization         valorisation
                                valorize             valorise
                                vandalize            vandalise
                                vapor                vapour
                                vaporization         vaporisation
                                vaporize             vaporise
                                vaporizer            vaporiser
                                vaporware            vapourware
                                varicolored          varicoloured
                                verbalization        verbalisation
                                verbalize            verbalise
                                vial                 phial
                                victimization        victimisation
                                victimize            victimise
                                vigor                vigour
                                vigorous             vigourous
                                vise                 vice
                                visualization        visualisation
                                visualize            visualise
                                vitalization         vitalisation
                                vitalize             vitalise
                                vocalization         vocalisation
                                vocalize             vocalise
                                volatilization       volatilisation
                                volatilize           volatilise
                                vulcanization        vulcanisation
                                vulcanize            vulcanise
                                vulgarization        vulgarisation
                                vulgarize            vulgarise
                                wagon                waggon
                                watercolor           watercolour
                                weaseling            weaselling
                                weatherize           weatherise
                                westernize           westernise
                                whir                 whirr
                                whiskey              whisky
                                widthwise            widthways
                                willful              wilful
                                willfully            wilfully
                                willfulness          wilfulness
                                winterize            winterise
                                wiveling             swivelling
                                womanize             womanise
                                womanizer            womaniser
                                woolen               woollen
                                woolens              woollens
                                worshiped            worshipped
                                yodeled              yodelled
                                yodeling             yodelling
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    yogurt              yoghurt

Of course, we do completely misspell other words. We do appreciate notification of these occurrences. Thank you for your interest.

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